Footmarks has been inspired from passion and hobby. It is run and managed by T.S. Jaswal.
Footmarks offers exciting and fun trips that will take you away from the everyday troubles of life and work. It offers both adventures, as well as relaxation tours, all designed according to your needs. Footmarks conceptualized from a hobby initially, has set firm foot into reality. Footmarks was established in 2007 and the first steps Footmarks took were in India, however within a very short time has expanded to Nepal, Bangladesh, Tibet, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Africa.

Now, Footmarks boasts to be a leading Adventure and Outdoor Education Consultancy in India. We came into existence in 2007, the founder, T. S.  boasts an experience of more than 10 years in this field. We are actively running outbound programs and adventure packages across South Asia. The activities and packages are managed and run by highly experienced professionals and supported by an international team of consultants and facilitators.


We can easily say the members of the Footmarks team share a cumulative experience of 100 years. All have worked in different parts of the world, learned everything interesting in this field from all their experiences and exposures and then implement/include these in our Footmarks programs/events – which make our programs unique and interesting to all.

Our team consists of members with specialization in diversified areas– Adventure, Art, Theatre, Service Learning, Travel etc. We believe in fun based learning and adventure – be it an outdoor learning program or a holiday package. Last but not the least, all our people are certified and qualified from some of the best institutions around the world which also allowed them to work with diverse cultures, groups across Asia, Africa, Europe & North America.